Peter Makris

CEO and founder

Peter or Pete as he’s sometimes called was born in CT and grew up in Westchester County NY. He moved to Florida in 2011 as he was laid off from the financial meltdown in 2008. His entire family still resides in NY and CT and he often travels back to spend quality time with them. He enjoys playing golf, boating, fishing and just being around people and learning something new about them. He often engages people he’s never met with a smile and a silly joke. He is a very passionate guy and always looks out for everyone that is part of his life. He believes in the Golden Rule and being selfless towards others. This is what inspired him to create PIFOR.org and he looks forward to seeing this belief spread all over the world.


Frank Cipolla

Chief Operating Officer

Frank grew up in Westchester County, New York (four different stops, names don’t matter) and currently lives and enjoys the area. He spent 25 years (yes, he doesn’t look it but he is ‘that old’) in the direct marketing industry in multiple positions (and cubicles and offices) and has run 2 businesses on his own (which means he’s spent a lot of time on his couch and dining room table). He’s a believer in the power of positive thinking (because he’s read many books on the subject and he’s positive they’re true). He believes in karma (mostly because he found $40 on the street one day after helping his elderly neighbor with an errand). He also believes he’ll get another hole in one in his lifetime (he’s had 2 so why not???).  But most importantly (and not jokingly) he believes people are doing wonderful things all around the world – and not enough people are seeing them or paying attention. That is his spirit for PIFOR.ORG. And he wants to help everyone see what he and the rest of the PIFOR.org team sees!


Kara Jane Hutchins

Chief Marketing Officer

Kara has lived all over the US and is currently settled in Florida. A mother of 3 amazing kids and an awesome dog named Rocko. She lives for her kids every day and makes sure they are always provided for. Encouraging them to do the household chores is another story! She enjoys engaging with people of all ages and personalities and always looks out for their best interest. She enjoys the beach, travel and great music. You can always tell when Kara is arriving in her car – the music exceeds the sound barrier. All kidding aside, she believes in volunteering, an advocate for many great causes and also living by the Golden Rule. She has an amazing personality, a great sense of humor and will light up any room with her presence. She believes in humanity and has inspired many of the ideas that make PIFOR.org what it is today.